Commercial HR Outsourcing

Benefits that L & A’s Commercial Staffing service

  • Professional Human Resources management to build and maintain a strong sales team nationwide.
  • L & A’s dedicated Human Resource Business Partner department actively encourages and develops talented people for the sales team.
  • No labor dispute risks or law incompliance.
  • Monitoring and synchronizing action data into the HR management system with Real-time-location Mobile App.

L & A’s outstanding advantages

15 years’ experience 

We have over 8,000 staffs and 100 projects implemented every year in different areas such as:

  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Finance & Banking
  • Insurance
  • Electronics

Infrastructure & capacity

  • The active Human Resource Business Partner model with representatives from different provinces and cities.
  • Strong recruitment ability from our ready to use candidate database and smart software.
  • Fast project deployment nationwide.

Knowledge & tools 

  • Professional knowledge on Labor law and application in Vietnam
  • Work process automation with specialized software, including Payroll, HRM, CRM, Real-time-location Mobile App, etc.

Differences between Sales staff outsourcing service and HR outsourcing service (HRO)

  • The Human Resource Business Partner model is dynamic and we have representatives at all provinces.
  • Our recruitment capability is strong because of our ready to use database and the support of our smart recruitment tools.
  • Execution plan is implemented quickly all over the country.

Process of implementing Marketing – Sales project

Step 1 – Recruitment

  • Quick recruitment nationwide using the company’s recruitment website, offline database and recruitment partners
  • Screening and selecting right people with scientific behavior report like DISC, Harrison (as requested)

Step 2 – Training

Staff are trained in the course and on the job by managers or partner specialists.

Step 3 – Integration

Internship & adjustment

Step 4 – Project implementation

  • Transparent activities using real time location reports to customers
  • Compliance with the labor code

Step 5 – Evaluation and motivation

  • Human Resource Business Partner help to evaluate for rewards and punishment on a timely manner to motivate and increase staff’s engagement.
  • Maintain and develop talented people.

Efficient work performance management with smart application

  • Staff and activity management with Mobile Application with real-time-location to ensure the qualities of being Visual- Immediate – Transparent – Precise.
  • Using data, diagrams, reminders, 1-1 and 1-more than 1 mutual interaction with iCloud.

 Friesland Campina case study


Challenges of the project

  • Nationwide scope: 900 staff, over 100 distributors
  • Management dynamism must be maintained but human management quality must be improved.


Applying E-Smart and HRBP to manage market activities with higher and more professional standard to achieve the project’s investment return indicator


  • Remarkably improve sales at stores by 150%
  • Achieve the project’s return indicator
  • Professionalize the team of Nutrition Advisors by training and managing market with real-time-location


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