Executive Coaching

Benefits of executive coaching

Through our leadership training program, we aim to support leaders and managers of companies in achieving their personal development goals, by giving them the tools and solutions for their specific goals in strategic planning and human resource management.

L&A’s distinctive strengths

  • We customize each training program as required by companies and individuals.
  • We organize training in small teams or 1-on-1 based on our analytical and transparent evaluation.
  • Supported by international assessment tools, we quantitatively analyze the training needs.
  • L&A’s tools have been lisenced localized from the leading international partners’ platforms.
  • Our trainers are experienced in business managament, knowledgeable of different business culture of various types of companies, and they have been trained in delivery methodology and techniques by L&A’s international partners.


Our training programs

Training courses Execution coaching
Planning to develop leadership capacity Planning human resources strategies
Jobs anylisis and description Optimizing organizational behavior
Applying EDISC in HR management Challenging business strategy


Experience and trust from our customers

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