Executive Search

Why Working with Us?

Since our team recruits for positions that are rarely advertised, your vacancies are considered as a niche and confidential job market & approached by only high level & capable candidates.

By proactive systematic search and assessment for “Job Match and Cultural Fit”, we spot and recruit the most suitable candidates for your specific requirements.

Specializing in certain fields as FMCG, Manufacturing, Retail/Wholesale, Finance/Banking and Trading, we thus are well connected to companies offering similar positions and knowledgeable about the industry’s compensation packages.

What clients can expect form us?

  • Candidates with behavioral assessment to ensure “Job Match and Cultural Fit” and to reduce your risk
  • Speed delivery
  • Confidentiality
  • Personal advise by our experienced consultants for both clients and candidates to ensure win-win solution
  • Huge candidate database nationwide of 15+ year enrichment

Our clients