HR Management Consulting

Service Benefits

Surveys and testimonials from large Vietnamese companies working with L&A depict the following picture of human resources management in most Vietnamese companies:

  • Usually having no reliable human resources management systems
  • Lack of coherence and misalignment between human resources and the company’s development strategy if one in place
  • Declining appeal to attract talented people due to a lack of transparency and clear procedures
  • An absence of positive encouragement leading to low productivity and performance
  • A passive approach to organizational and succession planning


HR Management System Consulting Service by L & A aims at helping companies to build an homogenous, yet customized HR management system that is firmly connected to the strategic goals and fits different scales or cultures. It will enable you to materialize feasible strategic goals by increasing your staff’s commitment and contribution; boosting staff’s motivation and self-development and achieving smooth cooperation between all functional departments.

Indisputable results

Guaranteed results for companies include:

  • A well-trained team for effective HR understanding and operation
  • A flawless system of compensation and benefits
  • A powerful system for performance management
  • An elaborate system for competency management

L & A’s competitive advantages

L&A has successfully delivered dozens of consulting projects for leading companies in Vietnam in the past few years thanks to our prominent advantages, including:

Advanced tools and methodology

  • Localizing and maximizing the benefits of world leading processes and assessment tests: Balanced Scorecards, MBO, Extended DISC®, Extraordinary Leader®
  • Sophisticated but straightforward and practical implementation method

Exhaustive source of reliable information

  • Numerous charts of organizational models and structures
  • Complete database of best practices
  • Extensive competency dictionary
  • Human resources assessments system

Capable consulting team

  • Strong expertise in business management
  • Experienced in consulting for various business structures and management cultures
  • Thorough knowledge of human resource management
  • Extensive business culture awareness

Case study of Tasco

Challenges of the project

A state-of-the-art human resources management system was required to ensure the accurate implementation of the strategic action plan in line with the vision of the Board of Directors.


  • Using Balanced Scorecards to assess the company internal strengths and validate the rationality of all strategic themes
  • Ensuring the homogenous top-down implementation of the strategy from the parent company to other business units and employees all across
  • Building up an efficient human resources management system allowing effortless execution of the strategic plan by following the “3P compensation” model (position, person, performance)


  • Revenue increased by 55.7% from 2013 to 2014
  • Twentyfold increase in after-tax profits from 2013 to 2014 (from VND 12 billion to VND 258 billion)
  • Profit margin increased from1% (2013) to 9% (2014) 

Our clients

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