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When the performance review does not work as expected

Performance review is common process in most companies. However, not every review can contribute positively to productivity. Practically, in most cases, employees feel insecure and aware when it comes to these performance reviews.


3 most common mistakes in Performance Management

Identifying familiar mistakes in performance management will boost your business’s productivity significantly. 


7 questions to precisely self-evaluate your performance management

Annual performance review seems to be a common practice at most companies, and with employees, these reviews can be a so-called “judgment day”. However, such occasion can be a great opportunity for you take one step ahead and try to realize your...


What great listeners actually do?

While many of us have thought of being a good listener being like a sponge that accurately absorbs what the other person is saying, instead, what these findings show is that good listeners are like trampolines. They are someone you can bounce ideas...


Generation Y in the workplace

Y-ers today are between 25 and 35 years old, also known as the MTV Generation, were raised during the birth of Apple, are dependent of technology and smart phones, lived through the 2008-2014 crisis, trust only word of mouth marketing and social...

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