Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessment and development that drive results.

Isn’t it fantastic if your staffs can produce these results?

  • X2 profit
  • 70% increase in Employee Engagement and Productivity
  • 40% increase in Customer Satisfaction
  • 50% decrease in employee retention.

Focused – Easy – Quick

The Extraordinary Leader Workshop from Zenger Folkman presents a proven framework for helping your managers and directors make a profound difference in their results, and in their own performance and development.

Traditionally, assessment program is about to cover weaknesses. However, covering weakness does not make you extraordinary leader. Zenger Folkman’s approach is different: strength-based leadership development for leaping results in the shortest time frame.

Using powerful techniques that focus on building strengths using implementation tools and personalized coaching, their approach lifts the performance of leaders, coaches and individual contributors in the differentiating competencies shared by those who are among the world’s most successful people. Their proven, practical methods create a clear picture of how leadership drives profit and the ways to put it to work within organizations.

That’s not all, the great news is that good leader doesn’t have to be perfect!

John H. “Jack” Zenger, D.B.A. ( Phải)
Co-Founder & C.E.O

Joseph Folkman, Ph.D. (Trái)
Co-founder & Chairman


Scientific proven methodology

  • By emulating “evidence-based” medicine—gathering the aggregate data from 300,000 360-degree feedback instruments of 30,000 managers to produce a leadership development model that will have real value to the organization.
  • Complete data set of 850,000 evaluations on people.
  • Contrasted the highest-performing 10% to the lowest-performing 10%.
  • Years of researching the impact of leadership performance and the key behaviors that great leaders demonstrate.


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The Extraordinary Leader Development Program


  • Each person will come away with an Individual Development Plan customized to their situation and objectives, as well as a variety of tools they can continue to use in their ongoing development efforts.

  • Participants will know exactly how they are currently perceived as leaders and will have a clear understanding of the impact they can make by becoming better.

  • Participants will learn the power of striving for extraordinary results, and will be given tools and taught how to create action plans that truly help them move from good to extraordinary.

Key learnings

  • Understand the significant on-the-job performance differences between “good” and “extraordinary” leaders.

  • Learn about the 16 leadership competencies that differentiate extraordinary leaders.

  • Discover why enhancing existing leadership strengths is the most successful way to become an extraordinary leader.

  • Prepare to receive an individual 360 leadership feedback report, understand the report structure, interpret the data, and discuss how it can best be used in a positive way.

  • Perform a step-by-step analysis of their feedback report, using a structured process with individual and group exercises.

  • Use Zenger Folkman’s unique leadership cross-training approach to construct a customized Individual Development Plan.

Program Structure

1. Online assessment (2 – 3 weeks)

  –   Participant at least invites one upper level staff, 3 co-workers and his or her own staffs to do assessment.
  –   Export the report.

2. Workshop (2 sessions)

  –   Understanding the assessment.
  –   Reading the assessment result.

3. Monitoring (Optional)

  –   One on one training periodically
  –   Re-assess, analyse the gap and feedback after 9-12 months.

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