Make your payroll work for you, not the other way around!

Every business needs a payroll. However, a payroll is more than just paying. A sophisticated payroll service can help you to unlock insights, improve compliance, and realize comprehensive human capital management.

The following are the values you will receive from L&A’s 15 years of expertise

  • Fast and on time
  • Precise
  • Cost saving
  • Less workload for internal HR
  • Confidential
  • Compliant to labour code
  • 2-ways interactions with staff

Centralized – Easy – Accessible

As a well-rounded HR solution provider, L&A’s core capacities are to calculate salaries and benefits precisely for thousands of people, monitor staff policies, pay and give feedback to each employee, and remain up to date with labor law and policies.

Our team of payroll administrators consists of capable, dedicated, and careful people, who can advise your company and staff. We have a smart and secure IT system that not only allows you to access and approve data, pay sheets, and reports, anytime and anywhere, but also makes it easy to interact with each staff member.

To understand how all the complex regulations and processes can become simple for you and your team, please contact us.

ULVS Case study

Challenges of the project

  • The client was a new company formed by the merger of a local company with a foreign investor who was very new to Vietnam’s labor code and tax law.
  • To ensure the business activity and human management continued smoothly during the transition to the new company.
  • To advise the company regarding the payment of tax to employees during the transition.
  • To collecte information needed for the payroll while keeping it confidential.


  • Advised on requirements of the labor code.
  • Advised on strategies for transitioning staff after the merger.
  • Provided professional staff to calculate salaries and pay, manage benefits, settle tax, liquidate labor contracts, etc.


  • There were no unexpected complaints or staff turnover.
  • All salaries and benefits were paid precisely and on time.
  • The client was very pleased and renewed the contract for three years.


Payroll Process


Deployment Process