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Assessment for leadership development

The “Extraordinary Leader” (EL) assessment enable your managers and directors to quickly enhance their leadership competencies by comprehensively understanding about their strengths and weaknesses and developing their sweet spot in line with organization’s requirements. According to the statistics from over 1 million assessments in our database, the certain benefits brought by the EL Assessment include profit increase by 4.8 times, customer satisfaction improvement by 40%, employee engagement improvement by 70% and the turnover rate decrease by 50%.

Detailed achievements that Managers/Directors will gain after taking our assessment and workshop are as follows:

  • Fully understand the value of their trained skills to the organization, the 16 leadership competencies that make an Extraordinary Leader, and the significant on-the-job performance differences between “good” and “extraordinary”
  • Master our best-in-class 360-degree feedback report, proactively discuss how to maximize benefits from these analysis;
  • Implement group/individual assignment following the principle of “know and do”, quantifying the training outcome into aligned business results.
  • Use Zenger Folkman’s unique cross-training approach to construct a customized Leadership Development Plan.

L & A’s unique advantages

L & A is able to offer such outstanding benefits to client’s managers and directors thanks to the unique advantages of this program:

  • Emphasizing on developing leadership on the basis of personal strength and passion
  • Cross-training of companion competency
  • Global/regional/national bechmarks

How can the assessment been done?

This 360-degree report is conducted online for approximately 20 minutes for each rater. The report is exported from the system after full collection of all the invited raters’ feedback. The Assessee will participate a one-day workshop to clearly understand the power of striving for extraordinary results, to get tools and their usage transferred to build an action plan to improve individual leadership effciency.

L & A is the exclusive distributor of Extraordinary Leader™ of Zenger Folkman in Vietnam – a leadership assessment and development platform – used by many well-known global enterprises and being present in 60 countries.

“A simple, concrete, scientifically validated model for achieving consistently superior business results through leadership.”– Eric Severson, SVP Talent, Gap Inc.

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