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Assessment reports for precise recruitment and assignment decision

Analysis of strengths/weaknesses and communication/working style based on the Personal Behavior & Tendency allows the assessees to explore personal abilities and develop their career.

L & A’s unique advantages

One advantage of the report is to assess conscious and unconscious behaviors on Extended DISC (ED) system, which creates an outstanding authenticity, with a 10-minute multiple-choice test.

Example of questions to assess conscious and unconscious behaviors :

The Behavioral Personality Assessment includes the following reports:

  • Extended DISC® Sales Assessment
  • Extended DISC® Management Assessment
  • Extended DISC® Administrative Assessment
  • Extended DISC® Customer Service Assessment
  • Extended DISC® Team Member Assessment
  • Extended DISC® IT Assessment
  • Extended DISC® Project Management Assessment
  • Extended DISC® Trainer’s Assessment
  • Extended DISC® Entrepreneur Assessment
  • Extended DISC® Sales Recruitment Assessment

The report is usually utilized to support decision-making process in recruitment, rotation, training, promotion, or employee retention…

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