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Assessment reports for improving teamworking effectiveness

From Personal Behavioral Assessment of each team member, the extended reports provide clients with a realistic evaluation of “character picture” of the whole team. Thus, they also suggest specific solutions to raise team spirit, organize team strengths, improve team performance, and minimize conflicts among members.

On the basis of team behavior/unconscious response assessment and strengths analysis, the following are Extended DISC reports that clients can choose:

  • Extended DISC® Team Analysis
  • Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis
  • Extended DISC® Job Comparison Report
  • Extended DISC® Conflict Management Application


Assessment to consolidate corporate culture, to improve employee engagement and talent retention

The report offers business leaders an objective “bird’s-eye view” on the corporate culture, satisfaction on working environment, and engagement among employees and the organization.

L & A’s advantages

For a long time, organizations have been surveying employee engagement, employee collaboration and talent retention in an unintegrated method. L & A’s HRBP model presents that the three mentioned concerns (ECR) should be evaluated and analyzed as a whole.

How do we deliver the assessment and reports?

Individual surveys will be conducted online, collecting ideas/ suggestions of employees from every department of the organization for approximately 15-20 minutes. The results will be analyzed by L & A experts. The strengths/weaknesses reports, comparison with the global standard and action plan will be concluded and presented to the client after the analysis process.

These are some sample pictures of our reports


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