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Assessment to improve sales efficiency

Benefits brought by the sales competence assessment:

  • To avoid inappropriate sales recruitment
  • To identify reasons for decreasing low sales performance
  • To build relevant skills for sales improvement

L & A’s unique advantages

With a 20-to-25-minutes test, the system will produce a report presenting the salesman’s major sales competencies. The report can be used as a scientific measurement for sales leaders and salesman to comprehend current strengths and weaknesses and also come up with realistic solutions to sharpen the necessary sales skills.

The sales assessment report includes:

  • Evaluation on job-match for sales recruitment
  • Evaluation on sales competencies to develop sales skills

Fill out the box below to donwload report sample and get consultation regarding products on FinxS (used to be Extended DISC) distributed by L & A as the preferred local partner.

Steps to buy our Assessment on FinxS:

  • Please input your email in the form below.
  • One of our consultants will contact you.
  • You will receive the account/password to log in to the online assessment platform after the payment will be made via bank transmission.
  • Within 15 minutes after finishing the assessment, you will receive the result into your email inbox.

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