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Explore FinxS: A breakthrough from the former Extended DISC

Among the series of L & A’s international events in 2018, Train the trainer – Extended DISC/FinxS Professional Certification, with the attendance of Mr. Jukka Sappinen – founder of FinxS (former EDISC), will be held on 10/10 – 27/10.

FinxS is used widely in 50 countries around the world, trusted by various million-dollar companies on the Forbes 500 list. In Vietnam, L & A is now known as an exclusive distributor of FinxS.

Train the trainer – Extended DISC/FinxS Professional Certification is L & A’s annual program, which provides the latest information of FinxS/ Extended DISC, one of unique and useful assessment platforms, for the trainer, CEO, and function managers.

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What is FinxS?

FinxS is an upgraded version of Extended DISC, has just been released and updated by Mr. Jukka Sappinen (Finland), the founder and developer of Extended DISC. It was first introduced at the Asian Partner Conference in Kuala Lumpur in April/2018.

How can FinxS help you?

Inheriting the success of Extended DISC, FinxS offers a more diversified not only in the purpose of use, but also in the upgrade and the design assessments only for the Sales team – the main force in the company.

To clarify, the assessments brought by FinxS is categorized according to the purpose of uses:

  • Evaluation on job-match for sales recruitmen
  • Evaluation on sales competencies to develop sales skills
  • Evaluation on 18 sales competencies
  • Behavior analysis

Three different points between FinxS and Extended DISC:

FinxS reveals Excuse index – one of the important index that measures a salesperson’s tendency to make excuses and procrastinate sales tasks.

  • This index helps the Human resources Manager decide whether the Sales Manager should be promoted (to Deputy Director or Country Director)
  • For Sales Manager, also understand what exactly goal are you aiming for and want to gain in the future, and from that make appropriate decisions.

Therefore, the winning competence of Excuse index of FinxS when compared to other assessment tools is the ability to make recruitment and promotion process more transparent. And this transparency is built on the willingness and honest between two sides.

FinxS completes 18 sales competencies, which offered a perfect solution to close the gap between Sales Manager and Human resources Manager in recruiting and training sales staffs process.

This positive difference really enhances and revolutionizes HR department’s responsibility to a whole new level with a highly valued voice in the firm due to their contribution to Sale Department in recruiting and training.

FinxS offers a whole big picture of strength and weakness of the company’s staffs for Business Owner, CEO, Human resources Manager, Sales Manager. The report excluded from FinxS is usually utilized to support decision-making process in building business strategy and action plan.


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