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FMCG – Production Outsourcing Showcase

Client: The leading factory in producing, selling, manufacturing, processing and repairing equipments;importing and exporting cigarettes to Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia,…

Scope of work:

  • Packaged production outsourcing with full operation management and labour supply.

Duration: From January 2016.

Headcount: Nearly 150.

Project’s challenges:

  • To recruit 30 headcounts within a week to kick start the project just 03 weeks before Lunar New Year;
  • To adapt to the corporate culture of a state-owned company, still very alien to HR outsourcing.


  • To conduct a mass recruitment campaign within the area, as well as on social media, with clear benefits and Labour Code compliance;
  • To temporarily rotate experienced Northern workers, currently working in projects in the South, to support the management understand new workers and solve regional culture gap;
  • To get to know thoroughly the client’s requirements by frequent meetings.


  • Successfully recruited the agreed headcounts in time;
  • Recognized as more efficient operation than others;
  • Received bonus monthly for L & A contractors;
  • Improved the productivity by 15%.


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