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Hi-tech – Production Outsourcing Showcase

Client: The largest company in the field of producing electronic components with the worldwide number of employees is 1.5 million.

Scope of work:

  • Full outsourcing of HR supply, operation and management for the electronic components production: electronic boards, assembling and packaging mobile phones, etc.

Duration: From February 2017.

Headcount: 300.

Project’s challenges:

  • Big fluctuation occurs at high frequency in the operation planning and headcounts;
  • Short lead time of recruitment;
  • Constantly change of products, resulting in regular training and updating;
  • Strict health and safety compliance.


  • Search and recruit from various areas based on an agreed matrix of clear criteria;
  • Provide experienced team for on-site management;
  • Communicate and train well before onboarding.



  • Achieved the 100% recruitment KPI within timeline;
  • Delivered 100% of the product’s quality and quantity;
  • Evaluated highly by the client and preferably assigned to scale up the project.


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