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About L & A


Le & Associates (L & A), a member of L & A Holdings, is one of the leading companies in Vietnam, offering HR services and outsourcing.

Founded in 2001 and with 20 years of continuous improvement, thanks to the customer’s robust trust, L & A has firmly built our brand broadly. This creditability is the result of our realistic solutions and practical response to the client’s various needs in HR management to accomplish their development strategy.

We take pride in our team of dedicated and industry-leading experts. Our advanced HR technology plays a vital part in supporting us in achieving the subtle outcome in every service package – ranging from assessment, consulting, recruiting to outsourcing.

Our clients are both local and international organizations in Vietnam and overseas from various fields which includes FMCG, retail, medicine, technology, logistics, and agriculture…

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Global enterprises such as Zenger Folkman (USA), FinxS (Finland), Trust Tech Group (Japan) whom we proudly represent as our strategic partners, have been supporting us significantly to achieve profound results.




Started Executive Recruitment service



Launched SIBOT Model – a full pledged HR solution package


Started strategic partnership with CVreferral



Established L & A‘s Hanoi representative office


Invested by Dream Incubator Japan as a minority shareholder


Started sole distributorship with PeopleTrek – an advanced performance management application


Provided Coporate Training service


Provided Corporate and Individual Assessment service


CxO Search established


The top 5 HR outsourcing companies in engineering field in Japan
Shareholder at L  &  A
Behavioral assessment for “Job Match – Culture Fit”
L & A’s exclusive partner in Vietnam
World-class leadership assessment platform and unique cross training of companion competencies for leaders
L & A’s exclusive partner in Vietnam.
A digital platform to monitor and improve the quality of recruitment process via references from employees and collaborators in Asia.
A digital platform for performance management in real-time manner.
L & A’s exclusive partner in Vietnam

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