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L & A’s professional HRBP model (Human Resource Business Partner)

In the early 90s, while Vietnamese companies’ internal HR department was struggling in dealing with HR related procedures by themselves, many international organizations have already implemented HRBP model into their business to increase HR effectiveness. Founded in 2001, L & A is proud to be the pioneer HRBP service provider in Vietnam.

Differences between HRBP and traditional HR
HRBP and traditional HR share the same basic responsibilities and major skills. However, HRBP offers value-based implementation instead of activity-based practices of the traditional counterpart which requires the executer to comprehensively understand the business, to consult and provide service supporting each department in the organization. Such implementation optimizes the client’s labor force to align personal KPIs with the company’s strategy.
HRBP is divided into various levels, from strategic to operational level, to integrate the HR functions with other departments and managers in the organization.

hr business partner model

HR Business Partner Model

HRBP’s performance is evaluated to be integrated with financial and business results (sales volumes, for example), instead of solely the task amount or headcounts (the amount of successfully recruited salesperson). Such unique delivery is the key factor to differentiate HRBP from traditional HR thereby eliminating obsolete tasks, and revolutionizing HR department’s responsibility to a whole new level with a highly valued voice in the firm.

Competitive advantages of L & A’s HRBP team
To optimize clients’ investment into labor force is our conscientious HRBP expert team’s operating principle. Supported by advanced HR technology and abundant database, L & A is always prepared to provide our clients a companion to go through difficulties of HR management and development, and to correctly execute development strategy stated by the business leader.

hr business partner model

Our HRBP Core Strength

In nearly 20 years of continuous development, L & A’s HRBP expert team has been growing to be more sustainable and professional. We are highly trusted by both local and international enterprises such as Saigon Coop, Vingroup, Procter & Gamble, and Prudential. Click here to see more about successful showcase of L & A’s HRBP expert team.


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