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Labor productivity improvement: not difficult!

Lately, many analysts have pointed out that the labor productivity of Vietnam is much lower than other countries in the region, just higher than a few countries in ASEAN. The proposed solutions have also been much discussed at many forum but they still lack radical solution, soon to result and less costly for businesses. Seminar “To improve competitiveness by labor productivity” held by Human Solutions Company L & A (Le & Associates) in the morning of 6/25/2015, HCMC, somehow brought very practical and useful sharing from leading businesses on how to improve labor productivity from the human in the business.

For the improvement of labor productivity from the perspective of human resources, Head of Corporate and Director of Human Resources must reflect the assigning and taking over the role of strategic planning. Actually quick survey at the seminar showed that over 90% of businesses have not emphasized the role of strategic planning of the Director of Human Resources, and also has not worked in the direction of HR (human resource business partner), which means that HR department is really on par with other functions and steer the business results of enterprises.


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