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HR Services & Outsourcing

Mass Recruitment

Recruiting has always been the top-of-mind requirement of organizations. However, to employ a “job-matched and culture-fit” candidate is already a challenging task, let alone to do it within a specific short amount of time. Our team are continuously recruiting tens of positions every day to feed over 100 projects that L & A is operating for the clients, and to deliver as per other recruitment orders.

We can guarantee to satisfy every urgent and challenging recruiting request thanks to these unique advantages:

  • The database of 100,000 candidates which has been collected for 18 years
  • Recruit directly, or through referral from the staffs or freelancers on
  • Other affiliate websites and fanpages

Our mass recruitment positions include casual workers, PGs/PBs, salespersons, customer service staff, etc.
For other executive positions, please contact CxO Search, a sister independent company under L & A Investment JSC.
To learn more about the services, please input your information on the contact form below and one of our consultants will contact you.

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