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On Human Capital Development – Volume 3 | Le & Associates® Official

Dear Esteemed Readers,
In your hand is “On Human Capital Development – Volume 3”, a book we created to commemorate the 15th anniversary of L & A. It features contributions from many respected guests, such as Alan Phan, Huy Nam, Koichi Hori, Lê Nguyễn Minh Quang, Nguyễn Tân Kỷ, Paul Brown và Ted Nuyen, as well as other senior L & A consultants and officers.

The essays in this book are grouped into five topics, including how to successfully implement a business strategy, building and operating a human resource management system, leadership/ownership succession, and more. Most essays in Vietnamese have been translated into English so that we can share it with our international friends and colleagues as well.
L & A has travelled a long way, from five people fifteen years ago to nearly 8,000 today. But this is the past. At this memorable milestone, we see an exciting road ahead, with many promises, but also not without many formidable challenges to L & A  and to the human resource service industry in general- the challenges brought on by the global changes in climate, technology, and fast shifting socio-economic and political conditions. L & A must continue to adapt and grow with these changes.

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