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Back Office – Itochu – Employment Outsourcing Showcase

Client: ITOCHU

Scope of work:

  • Employment outsourcing for office workers.

Duration: Since 2006.

Headcount: Nearly 50.

Project’s challenges:

  • To recruit instantly with high requirements, especially for manager positions;
  • Strictly-managed paper work, detailed and closely monitor.


  • Make use of L & A’s rich database and wide network to search “right people – right jobs” candidates;
  • Participate in interviews to understand client’s requirements and expectations;
  • Constantly update new policies about insurance, compensation, etc;
  • Design a tight framework with the client, notify them of changes if any.


  • Itochu, being served since 2006, has assigned more projects to L & A; the latest one is ITOCHU POWER from April 1, 2016.


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