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Pharma – Production Outsourcing Showcase

Client: A health care group in Asia has many headquarters in 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region, producing about 350 preferred pharmaceutical brands with high quality and products that specialize in consumer health care.

Scope of work:

  • Production Outsourcing (transferred from Employment Outsourcing to up-level the engagement of L & A in production operation).

Duration: Since April 2013 up to date.

Headcount: 190.

Project’s challenges

  • Mismatch in HR planning due to high fluctuation of production;
  • Struggling to improve productivities.

Solution by L & A

  • Rotate workers from UIP to other projects during the off-season;
  • Improve performance management by following L & A’s system;
  • Create a new sophisticated set of KPIs for UIP;
  • Providing training/ coaching for UIP’s project management team such as GMP, BOS (behavior of safety).



  • Cut down costs for UIP during off-season by 20%;
  • GMP and risk management well observed and assessed by documents in daily operation.


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