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Pharma – United Pharma – Production Outsourcing Showcase


Scope of work:

  • Production Outsourcing (transferred from Employment Outsourcing to up-level the engagement of L & A in production operation).

Duration: Since April 2013 up to date.

Headcount: 190.

Project’s challenges

  • Mismatch in HR planning due to high fluctuation of production;
  • Struggling to improve productivities.

Solution by L & A

  • Rotate workers from UIP to other project during off-season;
  • Improve performance management by follow L & A’s system;
  • Create new sophisticated set of KPIs for UIP;
  • Providing training/ coaching for UIP’s project management team such as GMP, BOS (behavior of safety).



  • Cut down costs for UIP during off-season by 20%;
  • GMP and risk management well observed and assessed by documents in daily operation.


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