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HR Services & Outsourcing

Production Outsourcing Service

Are you looking for the following values of production outsourcing service?

  • Flexible seasonal labor force
  • Low fixed costs, maximized profit
  • Minimized labor disputes
  • Released from recruitment and training pressure

To meet these expectations, L & A is contracting manpower in manufacturing and takes good care of all aspects of human resource supply and management; from attracting, training, supervising, motivating to hit committed productivity and quality. Service fees will be composed of unit price multiplied by the number of products made by L & A.
L & A’s advantage in the PO industry is the experienced HRBP team with production background, especially safety and discipline understanding. We also offer rotation solutions and the seasonal agility with the support of the on-field project management team.
Production Outsourcing jobs that we are handling with the workforce of nearly 5000 workers vastly cover from processing, packaging, production coordination, quality control, warehousing and distribution in various industries such as Manufacturing, Pharma, Agriculture, Logistics, etc.

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